Thursday, February 28, 2013

Last Day in Bonaire

With needing at least 18 hours before flying, we stayed out of the water today. After lounging on our wonderful balcony all morning, we then drove down to the donkey sanctuary. There are over 450+ donkeys that have been rescued on the island. There are also a herd of goats wandering around. The baby donkey in our picture was only one day old. As we drove through the sanctuary the donkeys would trot right next to us in hopes of getting a carrot! Later we walked the streets in town and played tourist? After another wonderful wahoo and tuna dinner at the restaurant right next to us, we went home to pack and be ready to go at 6:00 am today.

Last Day of Diving

With needing at least 18 hours above water before boarding a plane, Tuesday was my last day to dive. on our first dive I found a huge green moray eel in a coral, but I never could find his head! Also I ran into the largest Rainbow parrot fish I have ever seen! just wished the color came out better. They are bright orange and green. On our second dive, Deb and I came across the largest Southern sting ray I've ever seen. We got to take some nice video of him flying across the reef and landing in a sandy area where he tried to burrow in. Finally we did a guided night dive using special blue flashlights and yellow visors over our masks. All of the corals and sea life just popped with psychedelic colors! What an experience!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Marathon Monday!

With only 2 days left to dive, we got in 3 dives today, one being a night dive! Joe and Gail had not been to the Salt Pier, so we went there first. I found a large tarpon hovering right beyond the pier. For lunch we drove down the beach to the food truck at the windsurfing place. No Lionfish available, but delicious, hand patted burgers. Our second dive was a repeat too- the Rock. It has a super easy entrance. Joe and I came later so we had the dive by ourselves. When Joe was running low on air, he swam back in , maybe 50 yds., while I stayed around 20 feet and finished my air. This is when I spotted the Eagle ray! He was very friendly and let me shoot a lot of video! Around dusk, Debbie, Carol and I went in right in front of our place. I was getting ready to take a shot of this small spotted eel when a larger one came swooping in and attacked it. I was so busy getting out of the way that I didn't get a shot! Then the larger eel stayed with us, going in and out of rocks, up and over coral mounds, using our lights by which to hunt. Rather disconcerting, being down there (35 ft.) in the pitch black! On the swim in to shore, we came across these beautiful , flowing worm heads, extending out their tentacles to feed. Also, I shot a parrot fish sleeping in its cocoon, which they do at night to protect themselves from predators.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Restful Sunday

Today we stayed home and dove off the shore on the "house" reef. Joe went fishing and actually caught a fish! We gals did 2 dives. Coming in on the 2nd dive, I ran into 3 squid. They seemed fairly friendly. We also saw some very small, juvenile fish. See if you can find them!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another Day in Paradise

Joe and I enjoyed 2 dives at the spot called Tolo. It's a beautiful drive north along the coast . The entry can be tricky with wave and surge. Once you get underwater, it's beautiful! Lush corals are everywhere. Some of the mounds are 10 ft. tall in only 20 ft. of water. Debbie got to film a large, green moray eel.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Fabulous Friday

What a great birthday! Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes! I felt very loved and celebrated! Had two really nice dives today with my friends Deb and Carol. We call ourselves the "Dive Biddies"! The gals treated me to lunch at the Windsurfing spot where there is a food truck that serves fresh, grilled Lionfish sandwiches- delicious. Then Joe and I went out to dinner at a special Italian restaurant right on the water. With homemade pasta dishes and yummy desserts, we enjoyed every bite ! Back to the diet tomorrow!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday in Paradise!

I guess we are slowing down some- today we only did one dive before lunch. Joe is starting to use my older camera. The pictures posted today were taken by Joe. Then Joe took a long nap on the balcony while I went down to the pool. Tonight we enjoyed watching the sunset and the big Princess cruise ship leave. Debbie and her friend, Carol joined us on our balcony. Sure is a relaxed and peaceful place.