Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Last Dives in Key Largo

With only a few days left in our stay at our condo, I went diving the day Stuart, Ryan and the kids flew back to CA. I was I really tired, but I knew this would be the best day to go as the seas were going to build again over the next week. I was assigned two "Insta- Buddies ". We got along fine! Sometimes that arrangement doesn't work well, but we three dove with similar styles. The visibility wasn't the greatest, but I was able to get a few good shots!

Fun in the Pool

It was amazing to watch how quickly the kids became comfortable in the water. At first Evie wasn't sure she could trust the life vest to keep her afloat. she wanted noodles under her arms too. By the end of the week, she was pouncing all over the pool with her face in the water, blowing bubbles! We had to really watch Dobie- he had no fear!

Fishing in the BackCountry

One day Joe and Stuart had a fun day being picked up at our dock by a fishing guide in his flats boat who zoomed them across the Florida Bay to some remote areas for a day of fly fishing. While they were gone, we gals ( and William) went on the glass bottom boat out to the reef to see the fish. Thank goodness no one in our group got sea sick!

Fishing on the Dock

Both William and Evie got the opportunity to fish off our condo dock. Stuart and Joe only let one child handle a rod since they didn't want anyone to get hooked! I was usually up in the condo cooking dinner, so the guys handled everything. I think Papa Joe instituted the tradition of "kissing your fish" ! I'm not sure Evie did it though!

more pix from Key Largo and the SF kids!

With all the activities, I got way behind with the blog! I guess that is a good thing. To complete our memories of our time together , I'm going to write some posts of the days I missed! We are now back in WV, settling into our life here. Actually, Joe is packing for a fishing trip in Montana ! Should have a great time with a great group of men.

These next pix were taken on the second day Stuart and I were able to go diving. He did a great job taking pix, had good buoyancy control and air consumption! In a couple of these pictures the fish are very camouflaged !

Monday, April 8, 2013

First Boat Ride

How special to be able to be the ones to introduce our grandkids to the fun of boating. With such a pretty day, we decided to take them by boat to one of our favorite restaurants on the ocean side. All three kids did really well! After a delicious lunch at Island Grill, we went out on their beach and let the kids play some. Then they slept on the bow cushions all the way back.

Diving with Stuart

How special to have Stuart as my dive buddy yesterday. Thanks to his wife, Ryan, who gave him the certification course as his Christmas present, Stuart braved rough seas and frigid waters to get his Open Water card. Having only a few dives in his logbook, he handled yesterday's dives like a pro! He even took Joe's camera and got lots of nice pictures. Some of these posted are his!