Tuesday, April 23, 2013

more pix from Key Largo and the SF kids!

With all the activities, I got way behind with the blog! I guess that is a good thing. To complete our memories of our time together , I'm going to write some posts of the days I missed! We are now back in WV, settling into our life here. Actually, Joe is packing for a fishing trip in Montana ! Should have a great time with a great group of men.

These next pix were taken on the second day Stuart and I were able to go diving. He did a great job taking pix, had good buoyancy control and air consumption! In a couple of these pictures the fish are very camouflaged !


  1. what is that weird thing with the eyeball above the fish that look like they are kissing?

    1. That's a close up of the sting ray's eye!